About Us

About us

Who We Are & What We Do

From our Minnesota headquarters, the center for outdoor adventure and living, we create outdoor gas fire pits, furniture, and accessories that ship across the globe — all specifically designed to create the perfect outdoor space.

Our engineers, designers, and manufacturing teams work together to furnish outdoor spaces perfect for enjoying. We take pride in seeing suppliers, distributors, and business partners across the country guarantee quality, design, and performance from every Outdoor GreatRoom outdoor fire pit and fireplace.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We’re committed to the outdoors — to enjoying them and to conserving them. Our short-term and long-term goals seek to reduce our footprint, invest in our communities, and make responsible decisions for future generations.

Environmental Responsibility

We reduce our impact on the environment by improving energy efficiency and sourcing 100% renewable electricity. We’ve switched our manufacturing facilities to 100% LED and have been recognized as one of the EPA Green Power Partnership’s National Top 100 green power users.


We opt-in to governance and guidelines that keep us responsibly managing our manufacturing operation. From the materials used to the standards kept, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company and our parent company HNI have been recognized for our efforts to maintain efficiency and responsibility in our operation.


We use recycled, renewable, and low-emitting materials that are responsibly and sustainably sourced. We’ve also set goals to make our packaging 100% recyclable and styrofoam-free, eliminating unnecessary waste and synthetic, chemically-based materials that negatively impact the environment.

Our Commitment to Our People

At the Outdoor GreatRoom Company, we believe that the best thing about us is our people. Our differences make us better at our jobs and better as people. We value diversity and inclusion because we value excellence, knowing that the unique talents and contributions of each person makes us a stronger company.


We are committed to developing leaders of diverse talents and celebrating diversity and inclusion while we work together toward a stronger, healthier workplace. This commitment compels us to build and develop more leaders that are women or from diverse backgrounds.


We are committed to recruiting and developing talent and teams that represent the world around us, so that people from every background can help contribute to the culture and direction of The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.


We are committed to creating a culture where everyone can have access to opportunities for personal and professional growth, development, performance, and promotion. It’s in our culture and that’s why it’s in our organizational framework.

Read the Full Social Responsibility Report from HNI, our Parent Company:

Our Team

From when our doors first opened with our founders Dan and Ron Shimek in 1975 to when our operation expanded by joining HNI, The Outdoor GreatRoom has been creating outdoor living spaces with a line of uniquely designed, high-performing outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, and furniture.

From our teams of engineers, designers, and manufacturing experts that create our outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to the sales teams and businesses across the country who help customers make these pieces integral to their outdoor spaces, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company is bringing design and comfort to outdoor living.

And our story is just getting started!

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