5 Purposes of a Pergola

Pergolas are outdoor structures available in a variety of designs. They can be attached to your home or freestanding. You can leave it uncovered or incorporate a partially-covered or completely shaded roof. Like arbors, pergolas allow climbing plants to thrive in the outdoor season. But what exactly is a pergola used for?

Custom Sonoma Kitchen Island

1. Tie the Space Together

A handcrafted pergola brings all of the outdoor components together. From a fire pit and comfy furniture to a spa and outdoor kitchen, a wood pergola creates a defined outdoor room. The pergola also brings family and friends together. It immediately catches guests’ eyes and invites them to your deck or patio to admire your full backyard landscape. A pergola kit can be placed in multiple locations and is easy to assemble for your DIY backyard design.

Sonoma Redwood 12x16 Pergola with Kenwood Dining Fire Pit Table

2. Extend the Living Space

Extend the living space outside by creating an outdoor living room. The pergola brings style, innovation, and ambiance outdoors to your patio. Our wood pergolas make a statement with the signature arched look and stylishly-colored finishes. Our pergola kits are made in the USA for trendsetting designs and durable craftsmanship you can trust in your backyard. With a variety of sizes and options, you’re sure to find the right pergola for your backyard project.

Lodge II Beauty

3. Sunlight Break

On those sunny summer days, a Lodge pergola with a metal roof offers protection from the hot rays for a perfect patio cover idea. It provides some appreciated overhead shade after a swim in the pool or an afternoon of lawn games. Without a roof, a pergola still offers some shade yet allows more sunlight for a perfect balance as you relax outdoors. All of our wood pergolas feature a UV-resistant finish for a lasting look on even the sunniest days.

12' x 12' Mocha Sonoma Wood Pergola Kit w/ Lattice and Wall

4. Wind Protection

Unlike a typical gazebo or sunroom, a freestanding pergola allows for fresh breezes to easily pass through. For increased wind protection, an optional wood wall is the perfect solution. If you live in a rural area or an extra windy city, the pergola and wall design lets you enjoy afternoons outdoors even on windy days. Use your glass wind guard on your fire pit and enjoy the complete backyard scene without worries of wind. The matching pergola wall also features window shutters to create the perfect breeze – ideal for the ever-changing weather throughout the day.

SONOMA16-R Wood Pergola

5. Increase Privacy

Pergola accessories, like the optional wall, act as a great privacy solution for some separation and seclusion in your backyard. For extra privacy as you unwind from a busy day, place your hot tub or fire table under the pergola. The pergola wall shields from passersby so you can relax in peace but still enjoy the full outdoor ambiance. Accessories also had a personalized touch to your pergola design.

Ready to create an outdoor statement in your backyard? Visit a retailer to get a pergola kit near you.