5 Tips for a Great Hygge Day

What could be more hygge than a warm and cozy electric fireplace? If you're unfamiliar with the term hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) it is a Danish term centered around being cozy, content, and enjoying the simple things in life. Another big part of hygge is togetherness and spending quality time with those you love. Here at The Outdoor GreatRoom Company we are all about spending time with loved once and coming together around a warm and glowing fire.

5 tips for a great hygge day

  1. A cozy fireplace of course!
  2. Candles, diffusers, or maybe try a Himalayan salt lamp for added ambience.
  3. Board games, reading, a good movie, and puzzles are all good activities for a hygge day.
  4. Blankets, pillows, sweatpants, or anything else soft and comfy-cozy.
  5. Enjoy the day with some hot chocolate, coffee, and home-made treats.

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