6 Spring Staycation Ideas

Whether you’re planning a true staycation or simply wanting to find things to do when bored at home, a staycation is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the homebody life without getting bored. Check out these 5 ideas:

1. Enjoy a Family Bonfire

Ignite your fire pit and enjoy a cozy fire outdoors. A fire pit table starts your outdoor season early, offering you a warm spot to gather and relax despite cooler outdoor temperatures. Break out the s’mores supplies and make it a s’mores party! There’s nothing like a mesmerizing fire to pass time and create memories together.

2. Take Up Hobbies and Games

No time like the presence for starting up a new hobby. Spring weather is a great time to start planning your garden and getting that green thumb. Even a family board game night or a challenging puzzle can make for a fun evening at home.

3. Mix Up Dinner

With temperatures slowly warming up, it’s common to want to spend every warm hour outdoors when possible – including suppertime! It’s also never too early to start grilling season. Incorporate different foods or try out new cooking methods to make family meals more interesting too.  Whether you opt for takeout or cook at home, gather around outdoors for a family dinner under the beautiful sun. For extra warmth, a gas fire table can be the perfect focal point of your dinner.

4. Step Up Movie Nights

Did you know that outdoor movies have become a popular trend? Head outside for a backyard movie night with the family! Projectors or even outdoor systems are less expensive than you may think. Choose a family favorite flick, grab some popcorn, start up the fire for extra warmth, and enjoy some quality bonding time. Here’s a checklist for your movie night outside. It’s a great way to change up your usual scenery and create a memorable evening at home.

5. Don’t Forget Your Pets

Head outdoors for a walk or simply playing in the yard with your pet! They’ll appreciate the exercise and fresh air, while you’ll enjoy a great boredom buster.

6. Spring Cleaning or Spring Shopping

Now is a great time to sort through all of your old stuff you’ve been meaning to look at. Spring cleaning instantly boosts your mood and relieves some stress. However, if you’re not up for purging your old belongings, the transitioning season also welcomes deals. Many retailers offer spring specials or discounts. Even on a staycation, having time to endlessly browse online can bring its own comfort and joy.

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