Advantages of Using Fire Glass in Your Gas Fire Pit

Fire media, or those beautiful crystals, rocks, or gems you’ve seen on an outdoor fire burner, is an essential part of every propane fire. They allow your fire pit unit to operate safely and correctly. Fire media is available in a variety of options from modern fire glass gems and tumbled lava rock to realistic-looking log sets.

Lava Rock

Fire media helps protect your burner while dispersing the heat given off by your dazzling flames. While every gas fire table and burner from The Outdoor GreatRoom Company includes clear glass gems, there are several more fire media options available to create an even more unique and dazzling glow for your fire pit.

Whether it be a natural, woodsy ceramic log set or a tropical display of aquamarine glass gems, upgrading your fire media to a specific color or new texture is a great way to give your fire feature some character. While fire media is required for operating a gas fire pit, changing the color of the glass gems is an easy way to update the fire table look with minimal investment. OGC offers many colors of glass gems including amber, onyx, ruby and aquamarine.

Aquamarine Glass Gems

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