Architect and Designer Tools

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has and continues to create products that make great additions to any home, but we also offer products that are custom and commercial-grade. You can create your own custom fire pit, burner, or outdoor kitchen island built to order. We work with businesses, hotels, designers, builders, architects, and more to provide the best quality outdoor-rated products. Our products have been safety tested, each burner is UL listed, and safety procedures put in place. We strive to provide you with the best product for your commercial setting and professional customer service during and after the project is complete.

Learn more about our custom and commercial outdoor products here.

For architects, landscapers, and designers, our products are on ARCAT and Structure Studios to easily spec-in to any project.

Find commercially-rated product specifications on ARCAT.

Find commercially-rated product specifications on Structure Studios.

Please contact us to get started on your custom or commercially-rated product designs today.    


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