Back To School: 5 Family Time Tips and Ideas

As summer fades away, quality time becomes more difficult to squeeze in and things to do in the fall as a family become tough to plan. But did you know that the crisp fall weather warrants the best season to get out with your family? Some of the greatest family moments happen at pumpkin patches, apple orchards, town festivals, or even while fall gardening. But what about those in-between moments? We love pumpkin everything and would never turn down a freshly baked apple pie, but what other fall activities can we do to make sure family time stays consistent from summer to autumn? Here are our top 5 suggestions for “falling” into a family time routine!

1. Schedule Family Time

Whether it’s a nightly 30-minute ritual or a weekly couple hours, add family bonding to your calendar. This action alone ensures accountability and commitment while also giving each family member something to look forward to in their chaotic schedules.

2. Enjoy Family Supper

Some of the best family memories happen while bonding over dad’s burnt grilled chicken or mom’s infamous meatloaf. What about taking those crazy family memories outside? Enjoy supper around the Kenwood Dining Fire Pit Table for some extra warmth on those cool, autumn days. Bonus: there’s plenty of room at the table for your family and maybe even a couple of friends that stay over after study groups or video game sessions.

3. Bond Over The Fire

After a long day of school and work, bring everyone together outdoors. There’s something relaxing about stepping away from the rest of the world and sitting around a cozy fire pit. Whether you’re deep in conversation or laughing over the latest embarrassing moment, memories are bound to be made. Bring out the marshmallows and get roasting for sugar highs that are sure to add to the fun family times (we’ve compiled some unique s’mores recipes here to mix it up).

4. Adventure Out Camping

Camping naturally brings the family together. It’s okay if your family only makes it as far as your backyard to camp, too. Make sure to incorporate fun family activities that are tailored to your family’s interests. Start or end your day around the Renegade Portable Fire Pit for that immediate fire and portability for all of your camping trips.

5. Celebrate Rainy Days

Instead of skipping family time outdoors, embrace the dreary days! Rainy, fall days are sometimes the best excuse to take a break from the to-do list and relax. With a press of a button, turn your electric or gas fireplace on to create instantly cozy vibes. Then grab some board games and bring out your family’s competitive sides. Not feeling a family game day? We’d like to think that movies were invented for cloudy days. Get comfy next to the fire, set out delicious snacks, and turn on a family favorite.

Summer may be leaving us, but fall brings even more opportunities for the best family memories. Need more inspiration? We’ve got oodles and oodles of it on our Pinterest boards.


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