Different Types of Indoor Fireplaces

Indoor fireplaces offer comfort, warmth, and style to create the perfect ambiance in your living space. When purchasing the best fireplace for you and your family, consider the major types: gas, electric, and wood. By understanding the differences and benefits of each fireplace option, you’ll be sure to choose the best indoor heating option for your home.

Gas Fireplace

Highland Gas Insert with Traditional Front
  • Enjoy Realistic Looks

If you’re searching for the look of a wood-burning fireplace without constantly managing the fire during use, a gas fireplace insert may be just right for you. Indoor gas fireplaces run on liquid propane or natural gas, causing the traditional dancing flames. The ceramic fiber brick refractory and logs, embers, and tempered fire glass reinforce the wood-burning look. Yet with a simple press of a button, you’ll enjoy a cozy fire rather than needing to build one first like traditional wood-burning options.

  • Find Your Preferences

The Highland Gas Insert includes a multi-function remote with flame and heat settings. Adjust the fireplace to your preferences from the comforts of your couch. If you tend to be forgetful, the Highland Gas Insert offers extra safety features too. With an 8-hour shut-off mode, this gas fireplace insert automatically shuts off after eight continuous hours of use for increased safety.

Highland Gas Insert with Modern Front and Highland Gas Insert Modern Hearth Accessory Kit by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your indoor living space
  • Pick Your Design

The Highland Gas Insert is available with three unique front options. The traditional front offers a timeless fireplace look that fits a variety of themes. If you are modernizing your living room, the modern front with Modern Hearth Kit provides the contemporary style of fire glass. The fire glass design invites guests in and ensures your fireplace focal point is prominent in your family den. The arched front features a unique, classic look that’ll make a beautiful statement in your indoor space.

  • Let’s Get Technical

Direct vent fireplaces brings air in from the outdoors and releases combustion gases and exhaust directly outside. The Highland gas fireplace is a direct vent fireplace. It features a collinear/co-linear construction where the two pipes are located parallel or right next to each other. Some direct vent gas fireplaces are co-axial where one vent rests inside the other. All gas fireplaces should be installed by a licensed technician. With proper installation, this type of fireplace requires minimal maintenance and cleaning while offering all the benefits of gas. Visit our FAQ page for answers to your indoor fireplace questions and troubleshooting solutions.

44" Linear Built In Electric Fireplace with Amber Light

Electric Fireplace

  • Priority Efficiency

If efficiency is a top priority in your fireplace search, then an electric fireplace is the perfect investment for your home. Not only are electric fireplaces stylish, running costs are as low as a penny per day with the flame and backlighting on. For enjoying the warmth of the fire, electric fireplace heater operation only costs around 9-18 cents per hour. At those rates, your winter will be filled with many cozy days indoors.

32" Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace insert with 36" Surround in the Heritage Cabinet
  • Adjust Away

Like a gas fireplace, electric fireplaces also include a user-friendly remote with multiple heat settings. Control the ambiance with the adjustable flame intensity, background lighting, and ember lighting too. Whether you’re enjoying “me” time, date night, small parties, or large celebrations, you’ll find the perfect look and feel for any indoor occasion. With multiple options such as zero clearance styles, an electric fireplace will fit right into your home design.

  • Promote Safety

As a family company, we understand how important safety is for your home. That’s why our gas fire pits and gas fireplaces are all UL Listed. Our electric fireplace inserts are also CSA certified, which means they’ve undergone official safety testing too. The full line of electric fireplaces are cool to the touch to keep curious little hands and playful pets safe. For full benefits of an electric fireplace, take a look at “Is an Electric Fireplace Right For You?” on our blog!

OGC_GI-29_42" Electric Insert and Surround

Wood-Burning Fireplace

If you’re set on the crackle and smell of a traditional fire, then a wood-burning fireplace is your pick. Ensure your fireplace still meets any standards and regulations. Don’t forget to prepare to have plenty of wood on-hand before fireplace season starts.

Ready to shop for your dream indoor fireplace? Check out our full line of quality fireplaces then visit a retailer near you.