DIY Gas Fire Pit for Fall

Fall is near and here at the Outdoor GreatRoom Company, we couldn't be more excited! When the days start to get shorter, and the evenings start to get cooler, we light up the night and cozy up with family and friends around the fire. Now you can extend your outdoor season with a do-it-yourself fire pit! We love DIY projects because there is something special about being able to build your own fire pit. Doing a project yourself provides added character and value to your backyard firepit. Whether or not you are handy, our DIY Hudson Fire Pit Kit is a project for anyone. Do it yourself and get that feeling of accomplishment and appreciation for a new gas fire pit that can extend your time spent outside as we approach fall! The Hudson Stone Fire Pit Kit provides you with 59 stone units to make a circular pit, a DIY 38 Crystal Fire® burner kit, and black lava rock. Then you get to put together a beautiful, homemade gas fire pit to enjoy for years to come.

If you are a lover of DIY, then there is more you can do! You can buy a gas burner and create your own DIY fire pit design with concrete or bricks! If you are feeling extra ambitious or creative, you can choose from a variety of burner sizes and create your own gas fire pit to your desired shape, size, and material!

If you want a round, square, or rectangular fire pit, we have the DIY kit for you, which can both save you money and extend your outdoor season! Just because summer is over doesn't mean our time spent outside has to end; cozy up with friends and family around the fire as these cooler nights arrive.


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