Is an Electric Fireplace Right For You?

While most fireplaces offer coziness and comfort, consider the other aspects that may not be obvious to you and your family. Those factors tend to be equally (or even more) important and can even contribute to the cozy atmosphere. When shopping for a fireplace, an electric fireplace insert may be just right for your home!

Gain Control

Control may not be the first thing you think of when making your must-have list, but it quickly becomes a major deciding factor for many shoppers. Our electric fireplaces include an easy-to-use remote for controlling the various heat settings and the super quiet 2-speed heater fan. Explore different looks with the adjustable flame intensity, ember bed lighting, and background lighting. With a simple press of a button, you receive the exact fire look and feel you’re looking for.

44" Linear Built In Electric Fireplace with Amber Light

Consider Costs

When it comes to heating rooms in your home, fireplace heating costs matter. Operating one of our electric fireplaces equates to pennies per day. More specifically, costs drop to as low as a penny per day with the flame and backlighting on and around 9-18 cents per hour with the heater on. With that low of costs, an electric fireplace may be the perfect next investment for your home.

Prioritize Safety

If safety is your ultimate priority, search for an innovative fireplace that not only promotes safety but has the testing to back it. Our electric fireplace inserts are CSA certified, meaning they have undergone vigorous safety testing to achieve approval by a reputable organization. The electric fireplaces are also cool to the touch to keep children and pets safe.

32" Zero Clearance Electric Fireplace insert with 36" Surround in the Heritage Cabinet

Discover Aesthetics

For a realistic wood-burning fire look, electric fireplace inserts are designed to create a similar appearance while offering a hassle-free experience. Add a fireplace mantel to your living room design for the ultimate cozy, hearth style. While the overall look is important, don’t forget about noise too. Our quiet electric fireplaces provide the wood-burning look without the noisiness. When shopping in stores, listen carefully to the fireplaces. If they’re noisy in the store, they’re likely going to be disruptive during family movie nights or other relaxing moments at home.

Minimize Installation

Another factor to consider is installation and maintenance. Electric fireplaces simply plug into an electrical outlet (standard 110 volts) for quick setup. No gas or fuel lines, venting, or chimney is required. Minimal maintenance ensures you’re spending more time enjoying your fireplace, and less time servicing it. If you are renovating or switching from a wood-burning fireplace, an electric insert offers a smooth, easy transition. When you’re ready to redecorate a room, electric fireplaces are easy to move for trying new looks.

By factoring in these elements of your fireplace, you’re sure to find the cozy fireplace that’s best for you and your home.

Safe, modern Non-Combustible White Onyx Supercast Fireplace Mantel by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your living room or family area