Fire Tables fit for a modern farmhouse!

Some of us here at OGC love the modern farmhouse trend so much we decided to bring it from the indoors out! This trend not only includes vintage style but also some industrial and rustic designs. Some key design trends from modern farmhouse styles include painted, stained, or raw wood that is distressed or in contrast with another material or accessory. Wood is an important feature of this trend that brings warmth and an organic quality to the design. We drew inspiration from the modern farmhouse trend when designing our fire pit tables such as our Vintage 2424 Fire Pit Table or our Westport Pub Fire Pit Table. Both have that vintage charm with a distressed wood base and durable faux-wood tile top. The Vintage Fire Pit Table even features a colorful tile top to give warm pops of color.

Colorful, upscale design Vintage Square Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your dream patio or deck

Our Pine Ridge 2424 Square Fire Pit Table and Cedar Ridge 1242 Linear Fire Pit Table also fit the modern farmhouse trend. The Pine Ridge showcases structural elements and neutral tones with its refined, clean edge. This fire pit table takes on qualities of both farmhouse and rustic trends and brings together sleek with the feeling of family and warmth in a sophisticated and casual way. The Cedar Ridge merges industrial and polished tones by combining two contrasting surfaces: a dark grey slatted base with a gray-washed cedar Supercast top. These simple contrasting tones and materials are combined with a soft, dancing flame to create a wonderful, simple balance that is similarly achieved in many of our favorite modern farmhouse designs.

Industrial, contemporary design Cedar Ridge Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for any patio or backyard

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