Gas Fire Pit Burners: What to Look For

There are many factors that go into selecting an outdoor gas fire pit; one of the most central features is the burner. There are several key items to look for in your burner selection, one of the most important is that it is UL Listed and safety tested. This helps to ensure that the burner will light properly, burn cleanly and be safe to operate. Additionally, it is important to select a burner that is a high-grade stainless steel. This helps for operation and longevity and minimizes any rust options—something you definitely want to do on a gas burner that is exposed to the outside elements. The third item is to have an ignition system that is dependable and easy to operate.

cove concrete fire bowl gas fire pit

While the above are some of the primary things to look for, there are also some secondary but still very important items to consider. Having a recessed or sunken burner can provide some significant advantages. This helps to protect the fire from the wind while providing some extra safety distance from the fire. To keep the edges of the pan from overheating, having a tapered pan design can significantly help. Additionally, if the metal is a high gloss stainless steel, the mirror effect creates multiple fires and can really enhance the flame, especially after dusk. For some added safety and reflectivity, it is recommended that the optional tempered glass guards be considered. They not only help with protection from wind, but also really increase the reflectivity of the flame.

One final thought, for clean burning, the best choice for material on top of the burner is the tempered glass beads. It is suggested to only use the recommended amount, as piling up this material will likely cause soot to occur and also make ignition more difficult. The tempered glass beads also look beautiful and can add to the ambiance of your fire pit table.

While there may be several burners that meet the above criteria, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company guarantees our Crystal Fire® Burners to be safe, burn clean, and look great.

It is worth the time to select the right product as you will get many years of gathering around the fire and creating memories with family and friends in your outdoor room—not to mention warmth!


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