Halloween Mantel Decoration Ideas

Halloween is upon us, so it’s time to put up our spooky, thrilling decorations and celebrate the season. With the fireplace being the focal point, focusing your decorating efforts around the fireplace and on the mantel will provide you with a great showcase and enough holiday spirit for the rest of the house. Here are a couple ideas to try and include when decorating your mantel:

Banner or drapery

With every mantel, it’s always a good idea to spruce it up by hanging a cheerful holiday banner, a string of pumpkins or ghosts, or a spider web or lace drape. This is a holiday essential and instantly makes your mantel look spook-tacular.


The easiest and fastest way to decorate your mantel is adding some pumpkins. You can get small ones for on top of the mantel or large ones to sit next to the fireplace, and you can get orange or white pumpkins. If you’re feeling creative, you could paint them another color like purple or black, paint a face, or paint the bottom half a metallic gold or silver!

Halloween mantel


It’s a Halloween classic to have bats flying out of your fireplace. Whether you can get your hands on some real looking bats/crows or some felt or DIY paper cut-out bats to tack up on the wall and/or mantel, it can really make your decorations lively. In addition to Bats, including any of the Halloween symbols like cats, witches, or skeletons is an quick way to create some Halloween spirit.

Halloween Wreath

Hanging up a Halloween wreath could single-handedly complete your mantel decorations. There are so many different looks you can go with to match your style, and you could even create a DIY wreath with Halloween symbols like spiders, ghosts, or pumpkins. Check out our Pinterest page, Fall Favorites for more ideas!