Indoor Fireplaces: Is a Gas Fireplace Insert Right for Me?

Which indoor fireplace is best for heating your living room? Let’s explore the benefits of having a gas fireplace insert over other popular fireplace alternatives.

Highland Gas Insert with Traditional Front Wide Angle

Adding Value to Your Home

A gas fireplace insert allows you to simply place it into a pre-existing fireplace for a new way to appreciate the heat and ambiance real fire provides. The efficient use of energy and distribution of heat is known to increase value and offer a smart way to bring energy bills down. Gas fireplace inserts boost the ability to keep the central thermostat at a lower temperature and heat the areas of the home where time is most spent. This practice is referred to as “zone heating” and assists in reducing a home’s yearly heating costs.

In addition to saving on energy and heating costs, a gas fireplace insert will also increase your home’s buyer appeal. According to The Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association, fireplaces are among one of the most desired features by new home buyers.

highland gas insert fireplace inside home with decorations around

Benefits Over Other Fireplace Alternatives

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Gas fireplace inserts have become the modern solution to a lasting issue connected to traditional wood burning fireplaces. Eliminating the need to constantly stoke the flame with wood and clean up the mess afterwards allow homeowners to simply turn on the fireplace and appreciate its beautiful flames whenever warmth is desired.

The constant supply of gas fuel connected to a gas fireplace insert means that the warmth and relaxing presence of fire can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Most homes are already connected to a gas line for their central heating, making it easy to convert from an indoor wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace insert.

Electric Fireplaces

It’s important to consider heat output as a major contributor for wanting a hearth appliance to be the focal point your home, especially if you reside in a colder region. An electric fireplace insert is meant to assist in a room’s overall temperature, not be solely responsible for its overall warmth. A gas fireplace insert has the ability to distribute heat effectively throughout a room, providing practical and substantial value to where you will spend most of your time.

An important factor to address when exploring the benefits of a gas fireplace insert is the authentic, real fire you’ll experience when gathering around the family room. It really comes down to style when comparing these two popular options. If your home aims to be ultra-modern and contemporary in design, an electric fireplace insert is the way to go. Gas fireplace inserts offer a modern convenience to the more traditional way fire is enjoyed with its constant heat flow and real, dazzling flames.

Stylish, contemporary design Highland Gas Insert with Modern Front by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your living room or family den

Free Front with the Purchase of a Gas Fireplace Insert

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Highland gas insert fireplace with Christmas decorations

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