Moving Tips and Tricks

Do you consider yourself a moving pro or is this the first move? Whether you're moving to a new home or acquiring a lake cabin, moving requires organization from the beginning. Avoid the stress of moving with these packing ideas and moving tips as you settle into your new home.

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Label Everything

Create a labeling system from the beginning. Use different colors of tape or markers to prioritize boxes during the move or which boxes go to which rooms. For example, a blue marker may mean you move that box first and green for last or blue for bedroom and green for living room.

Then write down what’s in the box or any other important details. This way you avoid having to open boxes to figure out what’s in them. You may think you’ll remember which box you put your favorite spatula or memory-filled hoodie, but in the chaos of the move, a labeling system will be a stress-saver.

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Make Connections

Whether you ask neighbors for recommendations or find experts on your own, it’s important to make the initial connections with local professionals right away. You never know when you’ll need a local landscaper, certified technician, handyman, or other home professional near you. By doing your research early and having those contacts now, you’ll stress less when homeowner situations call for some help.

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Avoid “Do It Later”

In the chaos of the move, it’s easy to tell yourself that “you’ll get to it later”. With many items on the moving to-do list, it can be a lot to handle at first. Whether it’s as simple as organizing a drawer or as important as putting your patio space together, those do-it-later tasks rarely get done. By taking the time to complete it all from the beginning, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new home sooner. Plus, you’ll know sooner rather than later if you’ll need to budget for new items to meet your new spaces.

If this is your first house, it may seem overwhelming to make home improvement investments right away. However, investing in your home from the start is easier than down the road. For example, by re-designing your backyard to meet your entertaining and relaxing needs now means your family can enjoy the space longer and sooner. Relaxing around the fire pit in comfy furniture is a perfect reward after a busy first move.

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You may have already had patio furniture, a fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen at your prior house. But like every home, every patio space is different too. As your outdoor style and entertaining preferences change, it may be time to invest in new outdoor components for your new backyard.

What types of gatherings do you see hosting on your deck or patio? Maybe you envision outdoor family dinners, backyard BBQs, and casual evenings outdoors. Consider the purposes and then create your outdoor space to reflect that. Advise the local professionals you’ve connected with from the beginning. Your hard work moving means you deserve to treat yourself to a relaxing space for enjoying your new home and beautiful backyard.

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