Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoors

Unlike other giving holidays, Valentine’s Day produces a lot more pressure of finding the perfect gift for your special someone. Rather than getting the typical box of chocolates, a bundle of roses, or oversized teddy bear, why not gift outside the box this Valentine’s Day? Read our top gift ideas for the stylish fashionista, exquisite chef, determined DIYer, or adventurist camper in your life.

For the Fashionistas

If your significant other is all about the latest trends in style and fashion, it’s probably safe to assume you have the prettiest house with the best curb appeal. Interested to know the best complement to a fashionable interior? A beautifully designed outdoor space. Get your loved one the perfect modern gift of a gas fire pit table this Valentine’s Day. On top of several unique designs, colors, and shapes to choose from, there is always the plus of enjoying a warm, inviting flame at any time of the day. You can kiss a smoky, unromantic date night out goodbye with this easy-to-use outdoor fire gift alternative.

For the Cooks

The master chef of the family always needs the best tools to get the job done. Does your lovely cook have what it takes to prepare your favorite foods outdoors? Outdoor grilling accessories are the perfect “I love you” gifts that will pay out dividends for everyone to enjoy. Kitchen essentials, such as a fridge, cabinet space, dish sink, and grill top, are a few accessories you can bring outside to make the most of those perfect summer nights and springtime days. Start on a custom kitchen design now to think ahead for a sure win for a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift.

For the DIYers

If you’ve ever heard “I can figure this out on my own” from your loved one, a do-it-yourself gift is the way to go. Fire meets fun with our all-you-need fire pit kits to let your best friend take your backyard to the next level. Available in round or square, custom fire pits include everything you need to build your own fire pit while taking the guesswork out of planning your outdoor fire pit design. Leave your loved one feeling proud after accomplishing an exciting project that will top off your outdoor display.

For the Campers

Going big on your Valentine’s Gift doesn’t mean it has to be one large item. If your loved one enjoys the thrill and excitement of the outdoors, getting them a useful backpack of traveling essentials will be the key to their heart this Valentine’s Day. Outdoor accessories such as a water bottle, on-the-go snacks, a hammock, and s’more supplies is list of things you’ll want to include in their Valentine’s Day surprise. Since there’s at least one traveler in every family, perhaps yours is in dire need of a new traveling buddy. The Renegade Gas Fire Pit Table provides the portability and easy setup you just don’t get with any other fire solution. Easy installation and instant heat make this gift a no brainer for the avid outdoor-goer and camping extraordinaire.

For the Fireplace Fanatic (BONUS!)

There’s absolutely no shame in being someone who loves sitting by a warm fire, sipping on a delicious cup of hot chocolate, and wearing Christmas pajamas in the middle of February. If your significant other fits this description perfectly, we’ll sneak in one more gift idea that will enhance your living room décor and make it the most unique room design in your home. The cherry-on-top to any warm, toasty fireplace display is a beautiful mantel to rest above your fire feature. Our non-combustible mantels are made of durable Supercast™ concrete. It’s the perfect material for a sturdy, reliable mantel for indoors or outdoors. Choose between a variety of colors, such as Cove Grey or Tavern Brown, and textures, such as our new Weathered Barnwood, to find the right family room for your special someone. The conveniently placed shelving provides a great space to showcase your best memories and the right mix of accessories for your indoor or outdoor design.

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