What Should I Build My Pergola On?

First, why add a pergola to your backyard? Pergolas accentuate your patio pieces and bring all of your outdoor elements together to create a more defined outdoor room. Best of all, they are an easy and affordable way to create that grand backyard statement that draws guests outdoors and extends your time outdoors. Our DIY pergola kits come in a variety of options to fit your dream deck or patio design. Bonus: our family company only offers Made in the USA wood pergolas.

Now that you know you want a pergola in your yard, what material do you place your freestanding pergola on? Let’s first make it clear that wood pergolas should not be set on the bare ground. This can cause moisture damage and rotting of your wood over time. But good news, you have a few solid options to choose from.

Sonoma 16 Pergola


Concrete construction has been around a while and may seem like the most obvious option, but there’s a reason why. Not only is concrete extra durable, but exterior experts know how to create stunning concrete designs for your backyard room. Concrete professionals can create different shades and colors to take advantage of the already unique look of concrete. The final concrete designs also create a unified look to impress your guests. Concrete gets the crown for longevity, and it should be a contender as you’re deciding your pergola’s platform material.

LODGE II Pergola


Pavers initially look similar to traditional bricks, but they can be constructed from a variety of materials such as clay, concrete, or stone. The different material options provide unique feels and looks to accommodate your personal preferences. Pavers are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to create beautiful patio designs to complement your pergola.

So what is the difference between concrete and concrete pavers? Concrete is typically poured right on the surface during installation and quickly manipulated then, while a concrete paver is concrete poured into a mold and set into a certain shape prior to purchase and installation. If you’re deciding between concrete and pavers, it may come down to what you envision for your dream patio and your personal preferences.

Sonoma Redwood 12x16 Pergola with Kenwood Dining Fire Pit Table

Wood Deck

Extend your time sitting outside on your beautiful deck with a pergola. Whether you have an existing deck or want to add one to your house, a pergola makes your deck look more like an extension of your home rather than a backyard addition. If you have a green thumb, pergolas are a great aid to helping your climbing plants thrive for an even more beautiful focal point on your deck.

Our pergolas include hardware and anchor plates. Once you decide what to build your pergola on, make sure to get fasteners to safely secure it to the surface. Whatever material you choose, check out our Pinterest boards for outdoor design inspirations!