How do I re-attach my sliding tank door?

1. Remove the door from the slide, press up or down (depending on the side) on the plastic clip, and carefully pull the door off of the track.

2. Check to make sure the plastic clips on both of the slides are not damaged, and that no ball bearings have fallen out of the slides. If the slides are damaged, it may be necessary to replace them.

3. Align the mounts on the tank tray with the slides mounted to the interior of the base. Two people may be required for this step, one to hold the door/tank tray assembly and one to guide the mounts into the sliders.

4. Insert the mounts into the slides. Keep outward pressure on the slide mounts as you push them into the slides to keep them properly aligned. Push until you hear a click on each side of the slide. The first time you insert the drawer, it may require a bit of force to fully close the door, after this the drawer should slide in and out with ease.

Contact OGC for further troubleshooting. View the sliding tank door bulletin for assistance.


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