How do I replace my sliding tank door slides?

After contacting OGC and determining the slide is broken and beyond repair, a set of replacement slides is needed.

1. Once the original door has been removed (see FAQ: How do I re-attach my sliding tank door for assistance), remove the mounts from the door/tank tray assembly.

2. Remove 4 screws and nuts holding the mounts in place, save for replacement of new slides in step 6.

3. Remove the slides from the inside frame of the fire pit by removing the sheet metal screws holding them in place.

NOTE: the alignment of the slide is critical, it may be useful to replace one slide at a time so you can reference the screw placement from the other side.

4. Remove the mount from the new slide by pressing on the lever and pulling apart to separate the mount and the slide. Repeat for other slide.

5. Attach the slides to the frame of the table with sheet metal screws, use the same hole locations as the old slide. If the holes in the base are stripped, it may be necessary to drill them out using a 3/16” drill bit, and assemble with a #8-32 Screw and nut.

6. Assemble the new mounts onto the tank tray, using the nuts and bolts you previously removed. Finally replace door into base, following instructions in FAQ: How do I re-attach my sliding tank door?

View the sliding tank door bulletin for assistance.


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