What are the maintenance instructions for Supercast™?

To keep your fire table top or outdoor kitchen top looking new, we recommend the following:

• Keep covered when not in use

• Protect tops from harsh weather and direct sunlight if possible with protective cover.

• Minor surface scratches can be removed by re-sealing with SC-SEALER.

• If any colored liquids such as wine or soda are spilled on your top, clean off immediately to avoid possible staining

• We recommend cleaning your top regularly with a mild mixture of dish detergent and warm water; rinse thoroughly

• We recommend sealing your top annually or as needed. If the top begins looking dull, clean and reseal with SC-SEALER. All tops are sealed initially with solvent-based sealers. A solvent-based sealer will accentuate colors and produce a glossier surface compared to a water-based one.


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