What makes a concrete top unique?

Your top is handcrafted from Portland cement concrete and reinforced with glass fibers to provide exceptional strength and durability compared to traditional concrete. Supercast™ is typically 1/3 of the thickness of traditional concrete with 3 times the strength. Each piece offers its own uniqueness; you may notice color variations in your fire table top or outdoor kitchen countertop. This is intentionally done during the molding process in order to create a unique natural appearance which mimics natural stone. One factor that may slightly affect coloration is thickness. On fire pit table tops, the burner cover may appear slightly different than the rest of the top due to the difference in thickness.

Due to the physical properties of concrete, small hairline cracks may appear in the surface over time. This is normal and does not affect structural integrity of the top. If cracking is severe or deep, repair or replacement may be required. A minimum of two coats of solvent-based acrylic sealer are applied during the manufacturing process. Because of varying porosity in concrete sealer, it may be absorbed differently throughout the top. Due to this you may notice varying luster.


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