What type of maintenance is required for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Your outdoor kitchen is built to last and by caring for it correctly you’ll enjoy it for years. It is generally safe to clean your outdoor kitchen, tile, grout, natural stone and Supercast with non-abrasive cleaners; a vinegar and water solution works well.

GROUT: The grout on your island should be sealed with a grout sealer at the time of installation and a minimum of once per year afterwards. In colder climates where freeze and thaw cycles are frequent it is recommended that this process is done semi annually. If repair of your grout becomes necessary use some of the grout supplied with your island, mix the grout with water to the consistency of thick mud and apply to the problem area. Once applied wipe with a damp sponge.
TILE: Your Island was shipped with a care packet containing extra tiles. The tiles supplied are for repair if some were to become damaged. Additional tile can be ordered if needed.
NATURAL STONE TILE: OGC recommends an impregnator “511 Seal & Enhance” from Miracle Sealants Company. Any other impregnating solvent based natural stone sealer can be used.
SUPERCAST TOPS: Supercast is a proprietary process in which GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is utilized in conjunction with many different aggregates to obtain a realistic stone appearance. OGC recommends SC-SEALER to seal supercast tops.
STUCCO: If any damage is done to the stucco it can be easily repaired with the bag of stucco supplied with the island. Use a flat putty knife or a paint brush to apply the stucco to the problem area. Once a sufficient amount is applied to the area flatten the stucco with the putty knife.
ISLAND PROTECTION: Protect your island from the elements by making sure your grout and/or applicable tile or counter top is sealed. In addition to this, covering it when not in use for a long period of time especially during the winter months. Ice and snow can damage your island if left unprotected. Sealing and/or covering your island is essential to guarantee warranty coverage.


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