Why does my DSI system work normally sometimes but sometimes it shuts down after 15-20 minutes?

​​​​​​Depending on ambient conditions and installation location, the system may be shutting down unexpectedly due to unsafe conditions (turbulent or high winds or heavy rain). The system is constantly monitoring the presence of a flame and has a 12-second re-ignition before the unit shuts down when a flame is not being sensed by the control module.

If turbulent winds and heavy rain are not present when the unit is shutting down unexpectedly, ensure that burner media is evenly dispersed across the burner surface and that only the OGC-supplied amount of media is being used. There should also be one layer of media inside the wind guard underneath the igniter and sensor electrode. Then, visually inspect the igniter and sensor electrodes for damage. After burner has completely cooled, wiggle all three prongs of the electrode assembly gently with your fingers; the prongs should not move. Ensure that a visible and audible spark is occurring between the middle electrode and the electrode that the middle electrode bends towards. Also verify that the spark gap is between 1/8” and ¼”. If problem persists, contact OGC for further assistance.


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