10 Things We Love About Pergolas

The season of love is in the air. As a family company in Minnesota, we’re all cozying up next to the fireplace and dreaming about the outdoor season ahead. We can’t help but love every moment outside under the wood pergola. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 top reasons why we love our pergolas!

Sonoma Redwood 12x16 Pergola with Kenwood Dining Fire Pit Table

1. Brings It All Together

Free-standing pergolas effortlessly bring all of the components together into a defined outdoor room. They offer that beautiful, grand look to immediately draw family and friends to the backyard.

2. Made in the USA

Our wood pergola kits are handcrafted in the United States. The lumber from Washington is delivered to our production headquarters in Minnesota. As a U.S. manufacturer, we are proud to oversee every step of the pergola-making process. After completing production, the pergolas are shipped to local dealers and your home or business.

3. Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Our wooden pergolas are produced out of select-grade Douglas fir from a Sustainable Forestry Initiative in Washington. Every pergola kit for sale is made from renewable resources.

4. UV-Resistant Design

After our precision-cutting process, the pergola pieces undergo a UV-resistant stain finish. This unique finish ensures a lasting look and durability to withstand the outdoors.

5. Extra Strong for All-Seasons

As a Minnesota manufacturer, we design our outdoor-rated pergolas are durable for year-round use. No need to cover them or take the entire pergola down every season!

6. Ready to Assemble

Whether you are a long-time professional in the industry or a new homeowner, our pergola kits are ready to assemble and easy to install.

LODGE II Pergola

7. Optional Lattice Roof for Shade

For extra protection from the sun, optional lattice roofs for the Sonoma pergolas and a green metal roof for the Lodge pergola are available. A pergola roof is perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the shade or for escaping the sun after a dip in the pool.

8. Optional Wall for Protection

Another optional pergola accessory is matching wood walls for the Sonoma pergolas. The pergola walls offer increased privacy and protection from wind.

9. Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Patio

Our backyard pergolas are available in a variety of popular sizes to fit your patio or deck design.

SONOMA16-R Wood Pergola

10. Multiple Color and Design Options

Our Sonoma pergolas are available in 2 colors: Redwood and Mocha. If you enjoy a rustic patio theme, the Lodge pergola is available in Mocha for an authentic mountain lodge look.

Ready to fall in love with your patio pergola? Start shopping our wide selection.