What is the recommended seasonal maintenance for fire pit tables?

The following information describes installation, general care and maintenance for OGC fire pits when putting away for winter and setting up in the spring. Your fire pit is built to last and by caring for it correctly, you will enjoy it for years.

Spring Checklist

• Remove protective cover

• Remove burner cover

• Remove glass gems from burner. The burner can be cleaned by removing all of the glass gems and wiping down the edges and surface of the burner. A wet cloth/paper towel can be used to clean off any dirt. The glass gems can also be cleaned with a wet cloth/paper towel. These can be cleaned as needed depending on the amount of dirt and debris that land in the burner. Clean burner using damp cloth checking burner for any clogged port holes. Port holes can be unclogged using a toothpick or something similar. Put glass gems into burner.

• Remove Crystal Fire® Burner from fire pit top. Untighten the metal flex hose to orifice connection.

• Unscrew orifice from burner to check and see if there is any debris/frozen water/etc in the neck of the burner. Use a pliers or finger to remove any excess debris. An air hose may be needed to clean out this burner neck as a last resort. All blockages should be removed before next step.

• Screw in orifice and tighten with metal flex hose using two wrenches.

• Check other gas connections to make sure they are tight. If tightening is needed, make sure to use two wrenches.

• Check the sparker connections from the burner to the sparker box. Make sure they are plugged in and the AAA battery works. Check electrode in burner for blue spark, should be spaced at 3/16” apart.

• Make sure gas valve on base is in off position and hook up LP tank, open up valve on LP tank or turn on NG gas valve.

• Push in sparker button and slowly open gas valve.

• Check flame for any irregularities or any smell of gas. If gas is smelled shut off immediately and check gas connections.

• Clean off fire pit top and base with damp cloth. If top is stainless, stainless steel cleaner is recommended. If top is supercast, resealing with concrete sealer may be needed.

• Tighten screws on glass guard clips and set on fire pit top. Clean glass guard with windex and paper towel.

Winter Checklist

• Remove any debris (leaves, dirt) from the burner

• Close gas valve on fire pit base or shut off gas for NG.

• Shut off and remove LP tank from base

• Remove glass guard and store

• Cover Crystal Fire® Burner with OGC burner cover

• Wipe down fire pit top and burner

• Removing glass gems from burner to clean – optional – can be done in winter or spring

• Cover fire pit table with OGC protective cover


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