Backyard Movie Night Checklist

With the era of instant streaming and videos at our fingertips, it’s become easy to watch movies wherever. Bring this well-loved activity to your backyard for the ultimate outdoor movie night under the stars! We’ve got the perfect plan for the best movie night with friends and family in your patio theater.

Backyard Movie Night Must-Have Checklist for the best outdoor movie gathering on your patio or in your yard by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

Choose a Theme

Whether you watch one film or multiple, choose a theme related to the movie(s) to make an event of it. By getting this first to-do list item out of the way, you can plan the other components around the theme. Some backyard movie night ideas to help get you started:

  • Disney
    • You can’t go wrong with the classics or new Disney favorites.
  • Superhero
    • Marvel and DC Comics are in full force with recent releases.
  • Cult Followings
    • Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, the list goes on with these popular choices!
  • Rom-Coms
    • Whether you choose the best or worst romantic comedies, it’ll be a good time!
  • Favorite Actor/Director
    • Are you a fan of a certain actor or director? Choose films featuring them!
  • Movie Series
    • Some dedication is to be said for watching a full series - Hunger Games, Bourne, Fast & Furious to name a few.
  • Sports
    • Is the big game on? Gather the super fans and host a watch party to root on your favorite team!

Whatever movies or themes you choose for your outside movie gathering, it’ll sure be memorable!

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Pick Must-Have Snacks

Start with the basic must-have snack for a successful outdoor movie night: popcorn! Get creative by setting out a variety of toppings and mix-ins for a fun popcorn bar. A few popcorn add-ons? M&Ms®, ranch seasoning, or peanuts. If you’re preferring a sweet snack option that’s perfect for outdoor movies, create a s’mores bar! Let guests roast their own marshmallows over the gas fire pit and then create some delicious smores to enjoy! Need s’more inspiration? Check out these unique s’mores recipe ideas.

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Don’t Forget Comfort Elements

Make sure your patio space includes some comfy outdoor furniture. Add plenty of soft pillows and throws too. As the temperatures cool down in the evening, instantly turn on the gas fire table for warmth and coziness all night long. The glowing flames add the perfect amount of ambiance lighting to see what you’re eating and enjoy your friends’ company.

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Complete with Tech

Whether you rent/own an outdoor movie screen or simply watch on your outdoor tv, there are many options for screening your favorite flick outside. Consult your local expert for some ideas on your backyard design. Ensure that the tech is made for outdoor use too!

Share your photos and videos of your perfect outside movie night on Facebook and Instagram!

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