Gas Fire Pits: Safe Distances

Farmhouse, distressed design Alcott Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass Wind Guard by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your modern patio or porch

When determining where to put your gas fire pit table and how close you can safely place your fire pit to other objects, ensure you meet the minimum clearances to combustibles. Clearances to combustibles simply means the safe distances from combustible objects such as your home, garden shed, etc.

Kinney Gas Fire Table with Glass Wind Guard

Our gas fire pit tables can safely be placed on a wood deck, concrete patio, under our wood pergolas, right on the lawn or grass, or in a variety of other outdoor spaces. When placing your gas fire pit, our clearance to combustibles is as follows:

  • 2 feet from the edge of burner
  • 8 inches below the burner
  • 6 feet above the burner
Stunning, unique design Marbleized Noche Beacon Dining Height Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for entertaining and outdoor dining

All of our fire pit tables are made of non-combustible materials using our UL Listed Crystal Fire® Plus Burners. For building your own gas fire pit using our individual gas burner, it is essential you choose non-combustible materials and follow safety guidelines closely.

Whatever gas fire pit you choose for your backyard, consult your manuals for safe operation and maintenance of your fire pit table. Our user manuals are included with each of our products, and can be found here on our website.

Stylish, durable Brown Key Largo Linear Gas Fire Pit Table by The Outdoor GreatRoom Company for your patio or backyard

Are you considering placing your gas fire table on your screened-in patio, gazebo or veranda? Our gas fire pit tables, outdoor fireplaces, and burners are not UL approved for this type of application. However, there should not be a problem using it in these areas provided the following guidelines are followed:

  • At least THREE walls that are screened and permanently open (windows able to close do not count)
  • The open area of the screened walls must be at least 30%

If you’re still unsure where to safely place your fire pit table, consult a certified technician or local dealer to determine the safest location in your backyard. Looking for design inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest for backyard ideas, design tips, and more!

Sonoma Redwood 12x16 Pergola with Kenwood Dining Fire Pit Table