Climbing Plants For Your Pergola

SONOMA16-R Wood Pergola

Pergolas provide the major statement you are looking for in your backyard space while creating a more defined outdoor room. While our pergolas are beautiful on their own, climbing plants can provide that natural décor and pop of color you’re looking for to complete your outdoor color scheme. They also release a wonderful fragrance and tie together your patio space with the beautiful nature around you. As you are wandering down the many aisles of plants in greenhouses and nurseries, keep an eye out for these plants to complement your pergola.

Clematis Flower Vine

Clematis. This plant starts to bloom at the beginning of spring. If your yard space sees plenty of sunlight during the day, your clematis plant will flourish. However, make sure to keep the soil cool. Mulch is an easy solution to maintain the soil while accentuating the beautiful aspects of your outdoor area. Clematis also requires minimal care except for watering. As with most plants, clematis should at least be watered weekly or more depending on the dryness of your area.

Wisteria Flower Vine

Wisteria. Wisteria tends to be heavier, which is why it is a perfect match for a grand pergola. Wisteria is your go-to climbing plant for your pergola if you love fragrance and beautiful flowers. The purple and blue flowers offer that vibrant touch of color and welcoming fragrance that instantly draws guests into your backyard room. This pretty climbing plant needs abundant sunshine. Depending on your climate, wisteria requires watering weekly. Since wisteria is a rapid grower, it is important to keep up on care and maintenance.

Jasmine Flower Vine

Jasmine. For the strong fragrance lovers, this climbing plant is for you. Jasmine offers a strong scent that will greet guests upon arrival. The delicate flower complements a variety of outdoor color palettes without distracting attention away from your fire pit or other patio pieces. Like the other climbing plants, sunlight is key in spring and summer. As for watering schedule, ensure your jasmine plant is dry before its next watering.

Sweet Pea Flower Vine

Sweet Pea. There is a reason this climbing plant is also an endearing nickname. The sweet pea plant is another great option to complete your yard area. If the pretty flowers are not enough to bring you and your guests outdoors, the irresistible fragrance will do the trick. Sweet peas enjoy warmer climates with tons of sun and cool soil. Your backyard should also be a well-draining area to keep your sweet peas content. Don’t forget outdoor furniture to keep you comfy as you admire your sweet pea climbing plant.

These climbing plants are just some of many great plant options for a pergola. Despite the type of plant you do choose to try, make sure to keep up on watering and pruning it. The more you care for your climbing plant, the greater your outdoor room will flourish.

LODGE II Pergola

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