Seven Beautiful Fire Pit Table Designs For Your Rooftop Patio

Creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere on your rooftop patio is essential for restaurants and hotels looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Fire pit tables have become a popular choice, offering both warmth and ambiance. Whether you're looking for a sleek modern aesthetic or a rustic charm, these fire pit tables will elevate your outdoor space and leave a lasting impression on your guests.


For a sophisticated and modern rooftop patio, the White Cove Edge Round Gas Fire Pit Bowl is a top choice. Its sleek design, crafted from high-quality materials and tempered glass, adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting. 

With its adjustable flame, this fire pit table provides both functionality and style, making it a perfect centerpiece for your rooftop patio.

Rustic Charm

If you're aiming for a cozy and rustic vibe on your rooftop patio, the Sierra Square Gas Fire Pit Table is an excellent option. Featuring durable, outdoor-rated faux stone for a rustic, inviting look, this fire pit table exudes charm and warmth. 

Its integrated propane tank storage and adjustable flame height ensure convenience and versatility, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your rooftop gatherings.


Simplicity meets sophistication with the White Cove Linear Gas Fire Pit Table. Its clean lines and minimalist design make it a perfect addition to modern rooftop patios. 

Made from lightweight yet durable materials including White Supercast™ concrete, this fire pit table is easy to maintain. The built-in gas burner and electronic ignition system provide hassle-free operation, making it an ideal choice for rooftop settings.


Transport your guests to a serene Mediterranean paradise with the Uptown Iroko Linear Gas Fire Pit Table. Inspired by the coastal charm of Southern Europe, this table features a mosaic tile top that adds a pop of color and texture to your rooftop patio. 

The table boasts a stunning natural wood design with clean and simple lines that accentuate the beauty of the 12" x 42" Crystal Fire® Plus Burner. It combines functionality and style effortlessly.


If you're looking to add an urban edge to your rooftop patio, the Edison Round Gas Fire Pit Table is the perfect fit. 

The powder-coated steel base accentuates the aged finish of the Weathered Grey Barnwood Supercast™ concrete top to create a beautiful statement in your outdoor room. Take in the warm, mesmerizing feel of the glowing fire as you relax or entertain guests. 

Coastal Retreat

For rooftop patios that capture the essence of coastal living, the Darien Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table with Aluminum Top is a wonderful choice. 

Made from weather-resistant materials like teak and aluminum, this table evokes a beachside getaway. The teak wood base adds warmth and natural beauty to your outdoor space. With its hidden propane tank storage and adjustable flame, this fire pit table effortlessly combines functionality with coastal charm.

Traditional Elegance

For a classic and timeless look on your rooftop patio, the Bronson Block Square Gas Fire Pit Kit is an excellent option. 

The traditional brick paver style gives the familiar look of a backyard bonfire with the modern convenience of gas. Bring a touch of tradition to your rooftop patio with this stunning

A well-designed fire pit table can transform your rooftop patio into a captivating and inviting outdoor haven. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or coastal-inspired aesthetic, there is a fire pit table design that will perfectly complement your rooftop oasis. 

Explore these seven beautiful fire pit table designs and more that reflect your personal style, creating an unforgettable outdoor experience for you and your guests.


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